I am a Kohenet. I am Bara Sapir, bat Rivkah Nahomkah v’ Eliazer v’nechdah shel Simcha ben Josef v Chava bat Pessie v David’ I am Shomeret Darchi Gadlut Modah Razim. Gardener of the ways of expansiveness grateful to the mystery. The kohenet lineage includes the innovation of an embodied, earth-based feminist Jewish ritual practice. Through this, I draw from ways women and other marginalized people have led across time – shrine keepers, prophetesses, and wise women of the Hebrew Bible and beyond. I am a new curious soul, honoring my ancestral inheritance with dialogue, play, and critical creative inquiry. As a artist and educator, I am mirror and catalyst. I swim in the intersections of spiritual experience, intellectual engagement and creative expression for my self and those in the community to desire learning and deepening on their path. i partake in the reemergence of ancestral links to feminine divination and knowledge, while excitedly devote myself to witnessing, urging and celebrating individual agency and leadership at this pivotal point in culture and time. I honor how the feminine appears to us through traditions, imaginations, prayers, dreams, creative expressions, ancestors, and role models throughout history. I am part of this charge, as a Jewess and Kohenet. And I celebrate the sacred in our body-mind-spirit, the earth and all it’s creatures, and the cosmos.
As a kohenet I offer teaching, counseling and ritual and life cycle consultations that combines my inherited spiritual Jewish tradition as well as my ecumenical and eclectic background. I perform personalized ceremonies and life cycle commemorations and provide spiritual, creative, grief and life counseling helping people to navigate sensitive and challenging situations. I hold master’s degree from the Jewish Theological Seminary (Education) and the University of Michigan (Art History) and hold a BFA in Fine Arts from there as well. I’ve done extensive study at yeshivot and private collaboration with and under the mentorship of Dr. Jo Milgrom in Jerusalem, and at learning centers in New York.

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