Full Potential Coaching

The Full Potential technique aligns each client to to increase confidence and focus, while reducing anxiety and stress.

Full Potential methods are based on thoroughly researched human potential techniques, including mindfulness, hypnosis, Neuro-linguistic programming, Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), sound therapy, Reiki, and more.

If you have been diagnosed by a mental health professional, we will need to speak with him or her prior to the first session.

All sessions are strictly confidential.

The Full Potential method upgrades the mind and gives test takers a critical edge, teaching them to develop five core qualities for enhancing their performance:

– mental retention

– recall

– concentration/focus

– relaxation

– confidence

The Full Potential curriculum offers individual coaching and tutoring, classroom-setting workshops, private intensives, an upcoming certificate training progam for educators, and an audio series. This program for personal empowerment can also be customized to complement study, professional development, and self-improvement.


I  am among the first to incorporate high-performance coaching and personal empowerment for students preparing for high-stakes admissions tests through my company, City Test Prep.

Initiating integrate holistic and mindful modalities into student’s processes we become what trainers and sports psychologists are for world class athletes. I am  an educator, coach, artist and kohenet. I have a 20+ year career helping students and clients eliminating anxiety, managing stress, building confidence, and improving their journey through the academic, relational, creative and professional terrain. I founded City Test Prep, a hybrid test preparation company providing academic mastery, test-taking strategy, and techniques in holistic and mindful test taking and am about to launch the first mindful speed reading platform MindFlow based on our 15 year speed reading workshop. 

I get great joy help unleash one’s potential to create more fulfilling careers, relationships, and lives.

I have coached hundreds of clients, including:

–  Students at top private, public and boarding high schools leading

   universities such as Columbia, Harvard, Stanford, University of 

   Chicago, University of Michigan, and Berkeley.

–  Physicians and medical specialists

   Entertainment and advertising professionals

   Advisors to government leaders

   Executives at Fortune 500 Companies and SMB companies

   Women and girl organizations

   Teachers and professionals

   Education, spiritual and artistic workshops in schools, community 

    centers, religious organizations, retreats, and for organizations

My work has been featured in magazines and newspapers, including: Cosmogirl!, Next Step, Positive Thinking, CNN/Fortune Magazine, The Forward, Women’s World, the J, LA Times and The Wall Street Journal. I have appeared on the radio, including programs on National Public Radio (NPR), and television, on CBS Bay Sunday. 

I was Art Director for Zeek: A Jewish Journal of Thought and Culture for 8 years, designed children’s museums in New York City, was an art professor at Montclair State University, a singer in a Ladino music group a published writer, gallery-showing artist, and dog lover.

I am author of The Full Potential Manual, co-author of The GMAT Sentence Correction Intensive (published by Nova Press,) producer/creator of The Full Potential Audio Series, and creator of the Full Potential holistic method and Mind Flow: A Mindful Speed Reading Workshop, taught in select cites, online, and through the interactive platform, mindflow speed reading.com. I empower individuals to tap into their creativity and spirituality through workshops at retreat centers and organizations and am ordained as a Kohenet.

I am bicoastal and lives with her rescue pup, Chata.   

Creative Midwifery

Artist, Performer, Singer, Writer, Curator, Educator, and… Your Ally!

Creative Midwifery


Delving into her creativity propelled Bara Sapir to create a body of art and several workshops and programs that she taught at universities, retreat centers, and galleries. Her multidisciplinary approach is informed by reading texts, meditation, and immersing into a zone. She is an illustrator and designer of interactive children’s exhibits for New York City museums who shows her work in galleries and teaches domestically and abroad. She holds Master’s degrees from the Jewish Theological Seminary(Education) and the University of Michigan(Art History and a BFA in Fine Arts) and certifications in hypnotism, Neuro-linguistic Programming, Integrated Life Coaching, counseling and Reiki.


She sees creative expression as a potent process of staying present in the moment. She creates rituals, performance art, music, and artistic methods that encourage participants to experience a personal and communal journey. She was art director for Zeek:A Jewish Journal of Thought and Culture, for eight years.


Sapir draws from academic, ecumenical, and art history sources to innovate effective workshops and private, creative coaching sessions designed to develop skills, break through barriers, and facilitate a birthing of one’s spirituality through creative expression. Her work is eclectic, whereby a participant many be guided thought literature and text study, immerse in sound or movement, and journal or engage in a community council, to stir one’s expression. Sapir’s programs are distinguished by interdisciplinary mediums, which celebrate multiple learning styles and easily adapt to intergenerational and/or varying age groups. She enjoys collaborative teaching experiences with other experts in various fields.


Samples of workshops:

Bara is commissioned as artist in residence or through one-off programs and designs creative experiences based on the mission of the group of organization.


Jewish calendar and cycles: international Channukah and menorah making. Elul journey, standing again at Sinai(Shavout), shadows and masks(Purim) and Passover altars.

image of God

primary relationships in Torah

visual/musical Midrash

community and civic art projects

curating gallery exhibits

arts events and festival production

Ketubah design

up leveling manifestation

ritual and life cycle consultation and events(ie. births, coming of age, weddings, end-of-life transitions, memorial services)

sound mikvahs

creative journaling


Performing your best at work, adapting to job transitions, and engaging in professional experiences such as interviews may require you to shift perspectives and increase your self awareness in order to leverage the best outcome. Together we will move through exercises designed to help you gain more awareness and show up as your most authentic self. This is often a targeted potent short term process, 3 – 5 sessions, which integrate tweaks to implement overhauls, all which have a huge impact for your next professional chapter.


Interviews require self awareness, knowledge of the job you’re preparing for, confidence in yourself and value. When you feel too much pressure or anxiety, or are distracted or worried, interviews can feel overwhelming, and the prep gets hijacked by your emotional self. This, in turn, can negatively impact your performance and often leads to presenting yourself less accurately and not reflecting your true knowledge or abilities. We will change that. Sign up for a free consultation to determine if you’re ready to up your game.

Bara Sapir's Life Self Assessment

take stock in what your life looks like now