I explore themes that inspire or challenge me through painting, mixed media, collage, and illustration. Much of my work marks the intersection of sacred text and midrash (legends) to reveal deeper meanings and interpretations. My current work is the creation of divination/meditation tools that combines Jewish numerology (gematria), and feminine archetypes to inform mandalas. 

In addition to fine art, my professional output includes illustrations for books, magazines and newspapers, novelty stamps (, cards and certificates (Israel Bonds) and occasional graphic design. In Manhattan, I designed several interactive children’s museum exhibits (Yeshiva University and 6 exhibits through My Jewish Discovery Place at the 14th Street YM-YWHA). In addition to being a working artist I also held positions as curator, eight years as art director for Zeek: A Jewish Journal of Thought and Culture, adjunct professor (Montclair State University and Washtenaw Community College), an artist-in-residence ( Educational Alliance (NYC)/14th StreetY, Makor (NYC) and the Vermont Studio Center (Johnson,VT)), and led numerous art workshops at retreat centers, community centers, and privately. 

 I’m also passionate about teaching and helping students manifest their creative voice. Like my own process, I guide students through various exercises which could include literature and text study, sound, or movement, explore how other artists have worked with the forms or themes, journal, and then have a group discussion to connect how we each might broach the topics. The bulk of time is spent creating. Following this, we share our process and how it becomes relevant to our own growth. We reflect on each other’s work – -what we see and appreciate. In standard critique style, we also express what might make the work more effective expression. I offer these interactive workshops at schools, retreat centers and with clients in private practice. When brought into a school or group, the experiences are based on the mission of the group or organization. Samples of courses include:

      Calendar and cycles inspired rating: Intentional Channukah and menorah making, Elul journey, standing again at Sinai (Shavout), shadows and masks (Purim) and Passover altars and plates

      Spiritually Inspired Art

      Imaging the Divine 

      Visual Midrash/Storytelling

      Using sacred text to inform personal choice and agency

      Manifestation: Collage and vision boards

      Creative journaling

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