Full Potential

Up Level Engagement, Exceed Goals, Manifest Dreams, Achieve Growth, Transform My method is to help you disrupt habits and chronic under-attainment and make shifts. Articulate your goals and dreams to fulfill and we’ll set course on the journey to achieve them. My individualized multi-disciplinary curricula and coaching is designed for you meet your desired productivity, creativity, relationships, and goals. Success is the result of mastering skills and integrating sustainable models of being present and grateful. I share tools through a results-oriented interactive coaching model and draw from creative, holistic, and mindful modalities. I work with clients hourly and through intensives. Soon, educators, tutors, therapists, and parents will be able to be certified in her Full Potential method, currently exclusively offered through City Test Prep.

I am passionate about helping individuals actualize personally, academically, and professionally. When we combine our clients’ work ethic and vision with my mindset toolbox, we optimize engagement and output. Students and creatives learn better time management, emotional regulation and feeling present in the moment. With this hybrid awareness, I founded City Test Prep a test preparation and tutoring company after working for a multinational test prep company for 6 years and then as a solopreneur for 7 years.

Teacher and Team Training ​

I work with your staff and/or team to create integrative supportive programs. I offer mindful speed reading
creativity, test preparation and stress management modules, customized to your needs and clients.