About Bara

I employ high-performance coaching techniques to help individuals flourish. As a coachartisteducator, and ritualistI work with individuals, couples, and groups to improve personal and relational engagement. My background is eclectic: from rigorous academic training in art history, fine arts and education, to wellness certifications in hypnosis, Neuro-linguistic programming, mindfulness based stress reduction (MBSR-T), counseling and integrated life coaching, to my learning, living and ordination as a kohenet, a Hebrew priestess. I have drawn inspiration from these wisdom traditions and training. They provide my foundation in creating learning experiences, developing curriculum and teaching, in schools up through college level to work with individuals in private practice. 

My studies have fueled my entrepreneurship. I founded City Test Prep in 2005, the first test prep company to combine academic preparation for high stakes admissions tests with speed reading and holistic and mindful protocols to embody an optimal mindset. We help students eliminate test anxiety, manage stress, and build confidence. In 2020 while in the throes of COVID19 Shelter-In-Place, with a team of talented designers, developers and writers, we created the online interactive mindful speed-reading platform, MindFlow.

At my core, I’m an artist. I’m curious with the experience of diving deep into the zone, trusting what each moment reveals. While I see my ‘life’ and work as art itself, when creating physical forms, my medium is mixed, typically 2-dimensional, though I created interactive children’s museum spaces in New York City. Most of my personal work is engagement with Jewish text, creating a live dialogue with these ancient writings, often referred to as ‘visual midrash.’ Musically, I sing Ladino, jazz, and am always excited to find others to jam with.

I adore travel, dancing with community, cooking and trying out new cuisines.I am passionate about animal rescue and feel grateful to spend time with my pup, Chata. We are bicoastal.

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Get top scores, read faster and get rid of test anxiety

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Get top scores, read faster and get rid of test anxiety