Mindful Test Taking

Holistic Mindful Test-Taking
to Upgrade your Scores

Tests don’t only measure how much you know… They measure how well you take tests.

What are the keys to success on your upcoming quiz, test, final exam, or admissions test? Do your grades in school reflect your mastery of the material or enthusiasm in the subject matter? Likely, if you’ve found yourself on this page, they don’t.

Bara is uniquely qualified to help. With a master’s in education and 20+ years in this field, she’s supported hundreds of students to improve their grades and scores. Easily and quickly.

Conventional wisdom tells us that all we need to do is work hard,
and high scores will inevitably follow. Wrong.

As anyone who has taken a high-stakes test knows, the real story is not always so simple. Hard work alone is not enough for you to score your best. If you don’t learn effective test-taking strategies or feel confident when you go into the test, you will not achieve your full potential. In fact, if you go into the test feeling anything but calm and focused, you risk a subpar performance. Sound familiar?

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Bara Sapir is a pioneer in mindful and holistic test taking.

Bara draws from Full Potential principles, holistic and mindful test-taking techniques, that are well established in the health, psychological, and sports psychology fields, but are cutting edge in the field of education. Bara integrates human-potential tools such as neuro-linguistic programming, hypnosis, meditation, mindfulness, guided visualization, Emotional Freedom Technique, Gamma Brain Waves, common-sense wellness practices, and much more to help you embody the emotional state you need to succeed. And the bonus?

Once you integrate these full potential techniques, they help you flourish in all aspects of your life—not just those hours studying or taking tests.