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Bara helps you make shifts by disrupting habits and chronic under-attainment. You just need have to have the goals and dreams to fulfill. She creates individualized multi-disciplinary curricula and coaching, designed for you to achieve your desired level of productivity, creativity, in relations, and/or in-meeting goals.

Success is the result of mastering skills and integrating sustainable models of being present and grateful. Tools are shared through interactive coaching modes and draw from creative, holistic, and mindful modalities. She works with clients hourly and through intensives. Soon, educators, tutors, therapists, and parents will be able to be certified in her Full Potential method, currently exclusively offered through City Test Prep.

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Full Potential

The Full Potential technique aligns each student intellectually, physically, and emotionally, to increase confidence and focus, while reducing anxiety and stress. Full Potential methods are based on thoroughly researched human potential techniques, including mindfulness, hypnosis, Neuro-linguisic programming, Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), sound therapy, Reiki, and more.

If you have been diagnosed by a mental health professional, we will need to speak with him or her prior to the first session.

All sessions are strictly confidential.

The Full Potential method upgrades the mind and gives test takers a critial edge, teaching them to develop five core qualities for enhancing their performance:

  • mental retention
  • recall
  • concentation/focus
  • relaxation
  • confidence

The Full Potential curriculum offers individual coaching and tutoring, classroom-setting workshops, private intensives, an upcoming certificate training progam for educators, and an audio series. This program for personal empowerment can also be customized to complement study, professional development, and self-improvement.

Our session was fantastic, especially the relaxation techniques. I am inspired and eagerly await future sessions.
I can tell this is just what I need. Thank you again.
I haven’t felt this positive about the exam since I started studing. I already have the confidence and conviction that I will succeed.

Christian G., London School of Economics

“Tests don’t only measure what you know. They measure how well you take tests.”

Mindful Holistic Coaching

Since 2000, Bara Sapir has provided effective solutions for students struggling with anxiety and focus when taking high-stakes tests. Bara is a pioneer in blending the learning process with the equivalence of sports psychology and positive psychology for test takers. Bara understands the pressures students face from family, school, teachers, peers, and themselves to perform at a higher level.

I help you identify, develop, and then sustain a winning mindset.

– Bara Sapir

Based on your needs and symptoms, you’ll receive the benefits of hypnosis, NLP, ET, EMDR, growth mindset, mindfulness, and more, to help you enter an optimal mindset for your upcoming test. Using scientifically-proven, state-of-the-art methods, this coaching results in improved:

  • Retention and Recall
  • Focus and Cocentration
  • Composure and Calm
  • Confidence
  • Test Scores and Grades

And these are skills you will use in life!

How the Process Works:

The shifts that occur through coaching are fairly immediate. Our full coaching program for students caps at 5 hours. That’s all you’ll need!

The first step is to have a free 15-minute phone consultation for us to get acquainted and see if I am a good fit for what you are seeking. We’ll then take inventory of your expressions of stress and anxiety.

Session 1: 90 – 120-minute customized session to ‘fire your inner critic,’ learn progressive relaxation techniques, identify moments of peak performance, and apply these to initiate change. We address your individual triggers and symptoms, and then teach you skills to respond differently to these at a cellular level. You receive a 70-minute audio for relaxation and focus, as well as additional recordings of other exercises to do on your own, if applicable.

Sessions 2 – 4: These sessions address additional issues which come up around your studying and performance, including eliminating panic attacks during your exam.

I draw from a variety of holistic and mindful tools including hypnosis, NLP, EFT, EMDR, Mindfulness, Sound Therapy, and Visualization. Additional resources and ongoing support is available.

Through each session, you learn ways to eliminate distraction and noise, enter a state of flow, and engage with your task with the most presence and calm.

You can expect your anxiety and stress to be greatly reduced or eliminated completely. You borrow the benefits of these techniques to witness positive changes in feeling confident, calm, and focused in subsequent tests, interviews and other experiences you find stressful.

Interiew Support
Whether you’re preparing to speak to an admissions person for middle school, high school, or college, or interiewing a for a job, Full Potential skills help draw out your inner superstar so you are able to shine. In situations when you feel judged, you can rise to the occasion and show your best self.

Through our 2-session interview and support protocol, you learn ways to show up, stay present, and wow your interviewer.

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