Sapir draws from academic, spiritual and artistic sources to develop innovative effective programs and workshops designed to break through barriers and facilitate the birthing relationships to Judaism through creative expression. Sapir guides participants through Jewish text study, music and story telling to reach personal, creative and meaningful connections to Judaism and the self. Sapir’s work is distinguished by programs which utilize interdisciplinary mediums, celebrate multiple learning styles and that easily adapt to intergenerational or varying age groups.

Upcoming Programs:

Encounter Purim through Mask Making
On Purim it is customary to wear masks to hide our outer identity and emphasize a hidden self. Artist and teacher Bara Sapir will use text study, meditation and visualization to guide us through a path of self-exploration, leading to the actual creation and decoration of a plaster mask.
Locations listed and private parties can be added. Just call (917) 805-6015


Creative Midwifery
Birthing  Sacred Art through Ritual and Study
Cathedral Station
P.O. Box 1710
New York, NY 10025

Programs offered:

  • Jewish Calendar and Cycles: Intentional Channukah and menorah making, Elul Journey, Standing Again at Sinai (Shavout), Shadows and Masks (Purim)
  • The Image of God workshop
  • Primary Relationships in Torah
  • Visual/Musical Midrash
  • Community Arts Projects
  • Gallery Shows
  • Arts Events/Festival Production
  • Ketubah Design
  • Ritual Consultation (births, weddings)
  • Sound Mikvahs
  • Creative Jewish Journaling


“Bara Sapir delivers a refreshing new outlook on the direction of Jewish Art”
-The Blueprint, NY

“Sapir soon had our NY Rosh Chodesh group, a cohort of established NYC women professionals, on the floor painting a personal segment of a river-cum-tallis, singing and sharing about the flow of our lives, tears and hopes. In one session, she shifted the realm of possibility for the group from nice to spice. She seemed to do this with the power and humility, in the kind of effortless way, a true professional connected at the level of soul can offer….she is like the best in fusion music, she is the future fusion leadership – – a remarkable meld of talent, spirit and vision…”
-Rabbi Goldie Milgram, Reclaiming Judaism

“Sapir’s art practice might be characterized as “trendy”, but it would be more accurate to characterize it as “timely”. Her work has a timeliness that not only effectively adds needed knowledge but seeks knowledge with honesty. Whether “trendy” or “timely”, I am convinced that both her work and her teaching has a trustworthiness and integrity which is exemplary.”
-Dr. Victor Miesel, University of Michigan

“Sapir helped me to realize that art is not just drawing what you see in front of you…I gained a much better understanding of my own artistic abilities along with a more comprehensive understanding of myself”
-University Student, NJ

“Bara, your visit to Temple Israel was enthusiastically received. My congregants were impressed by your preparation, your creativity, your passion, your spirituality, and your willingness to share personal
aspects of your spiritual journey along with insights in the creative process of a Jewish artist. I think you’ve really opened up some hearts and minds here at Temple Israel, and caused some people to think about Jewish creativity and spirituality in new and exciting ways. I hope we can have you back someday for a hands-on teaching workshop- I think that would be a great next step for us.”
-Temple Israel

“I was impressed with how easy the group was able to embrace their own creative project. We were proud and eager to show what we had made and I learned a great deal about each person’s heartfelt values that are normally hard to uncover. Thank you!”
-Jean Fitzgerald, Mercy Home, Chicago Illinois

“It was the most engaging community night we’ve had yet.”

“I thought it would be really hard to get me to make something, but I felt no pressure at all!”

“I can’t believe how quiet we got after the visualization and stayed that way throughout the project!”

“I really liked that she had a free-spirited approach to discussions of religion and different ideas. it didn’t matter what religion or persuasion you were in. It was all important.”

“I think the guided meditation was a good way to get us thinking in an abstract way.”

“I was really nervous going into and it ended up not being intimidating at all!”

-Participant Quotes from a Faith-based Organization after a workshop