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Fine Art

Inspired by her environs, moods and the cultural climate, Sapir creates visual responses made from mixed media and traditional media.



All categories of art production are available for commission. Works can be made or adapted for hypnosis and wellness offices, in print or original
form. In addition, customized work is available for example for ketubot, ritual objects, fine art, public art works and graphic design. Current works have been used to make trance-prompting prints, personalized logos and letterhead, invitations, book/bencher design, prayer books and more.


These works include narrative and abstract imagery and have been commissioned by institutions and private companies, inspired by Jewish themes. The works are public works, card design, stickers, advertising and graphic design, as well as prayer books and art books.


Museum Exhibits

Yeshiva University and the Sol Goldman YM-YWHA commissioned these exhibits which hung for more than three years.


Ritual Objects and Hypnotic Art

Spiritual practice and self empowerment provide opportunities to celebrate the space and time within which we exist. Sacred objects and art help drive the intentions of the rituals and process. These represent the creative investigation of the form and function of the traditional objects as well as provide examples of functional art that supports trance and spiritual deepening.

Grapic Design and Music

(under construction)