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Bara Sapir is an internationally recognized expert in high-performance coaching, personal empowerment and transformative test preparation. She is a thought leader, educator, coach and artist with a 20+year career in the test-prep business. Bara Sapir has been inspiring students of all ages, creatives, and working professionals achieve mastery over themselves, and thus unleash their potential to create more fulfilling careers, relationships, and lives. Through holistic and mindful modalities, she champions people to live their best lives by gaining awareness and making a positive impact in every arena of their lives, community and the world at large.

An Interview Featured on CBS

CEO and founder of Test Prep SF, Bara Sapir, on getting students in the right test-taking mindset.

“In one session, she shifted the realm of possibility”

“Sapir soon had our NY Rosh Chodesh group, a cohort of established NYC women professionals, on the floor painting a personal segment of a river-cum-tallis, singing and sharing about the flow of our lives, tears and hopes. In one session, she shifted the realm of possibility for the group from nice to spice. She seemed to do this with the power and humility, in the kind of effortless way, a true professional connected at the level of soul can offer….she is like the best in fusion music, she is the future fusion leadership – – a remarkable meld of talent, spirit and vision…” – Rabbi Goldie Milgram, Reclaiming Judaism

“Sapir’s art practice might be characterized as “trendy”, but it would be more accurate to characterize it as “timely”. Her work has a timeliness that not only effectively adds needed knowledge but seeks knowledge with honesty. Whether “trendy” or “timely”, I am convinced that both her work and her teaching has a trustworthiness and integrity which is exemplary.”
Dr. Victor Miese, University of Michigan
“Bara, your visit to Temple Israel was enthusiastically received. My congregants were impressed by your preparation, your creativity, your passion, your spirituality, and your willingness to share personal aspects of your spiritual journey along with insights in the creative process of a Jewish artist. I think you’ve really opened up some hearts and minds here at Temple Israel, and caused some people to think about Jewish creativity and spirituality in new and exciting ways. I hope we can have you back someday for a hands-on teaching workshop- I think that would be a great next step for us.”
Temple, Israel
“I was impressed with how easy the group was able to embrace their own creative project. We were proud and eager to show what we had made and I learned a great deal about each person’s heartfelt values that are normally hard to uncover. Thank you!”
Jean Fitzgerald, Mercy Home, Chicago Illinois

Some of Bara Sapir’s Interviews

“Bara Sapir explores the dynamic interface between being present and productive and how being in this place upgrades our personal engagment in all arenas of life. She shares this pursuit, curiosity and practice with those who seek deeper connection to life, more effective creative expression, and upleveling one’s best self to emerge in all things: business, school, relationships and civic involvment.”